24 March 2012

Kirroughtree Stane

A big day out! Great weather for March - 18C and hazy sun. Fairly quiet - only a few people around.
We did the Red and the Black.
Some great locations

Some great biking

Glentrool - one of the 7 Stanes

We're in Scotland again

We're in the Galloway Forest the one on the top left.

We did Glentrool blue run yesterday. It was a reasonable blue route - not too difficult and some faster sections with big banked corners
We're off to Kirroughtree today.

06 March 2011

Penmachno - on the first day of Spring

Our first time out for a while. Penmachno trails were quite tough - rain had washed away a good deal of the soil making the bigger rocks stand out.
No 2 fell off and damaged her wrist. Decided to call it a day after a few singletrack sections

04 July 2010


OMG. I bought a tandem this week. I've been out on it with my 11 year old Huw and he loves it. Elin is 14 and a little bit more self-conscious and hasn't actually been on it yet. Ginny reckons it'll be Tuesday by the time she gets on it.