21 April 2008

Video of us on Loop 1, Penmachno

Here's some video of us on Loop 1 of Penmachno. First singletrack section - still slightly uphill.


So, I called Sunset and they said to send the whole brake back to them. I knew it was the master cyl, as it had LHM leaking from it. When you looked down the lever into the area where its piston enters the cylinder, a squelchy noise came out and LHM. New seals cost about a fiver, but they said they'd do it on the Warranty.
No MTB until the post it back, though.

13 April 2008

Penmachno Dolen 1

So, we did it. We didn't do the whole lot - actually the weather was filthy. And we were late. But the single track is superb!! Photos to follow

Huw and Elin made such a noise - forest animals must have wondered what was going on!

10 April 2008

Penmachno, yeah

Planning on doing Y Dolen 1 at Penmachno this weekend. Just printing the route details. We'll see...

Last week's ride - Lon Las Ogwen

Dropped off with Elin and Huw at Porth Penrhyn. Great surface gently uphill to start. Some good practice singletrack down nearer the Afon Cegyn. Roots, stumps, etc on muddy singletrack with some neat little bridges made of concrete sleepers. Kids loved it.

Route up to Bethesda is good, even the on-road section.

Must go back and finish to route from Penrhyn Quarries up to Ogwen.


Bikes need looking after. Emerging from Winter - even tho' not used much, they need TLC. Elin's bike' s headset needed stripping down and re-setting. Funny Aheadset type- sealed bearings - top one is ball race and lower one needle rollers. Not much could be done except clean it up. Then re-setting with centre bolt against star washer. Final tighten of the stem bolts. Should be okay for a while.

Next day, the BB went. Very clicky and rough. RAM model replaced with Shimano BB 68x113. Note that the front deraileur needed resetting as out slightly in chainring 3.