23 January 2010

Icy mud - urrggghhh!

Horrible conditions in Clocaenog Forest today. Huw and I started out in Cyffylliog near Rhuthun and climbed a total of 350m altitude and 17km distance. Semi frozen mud in the forest, along with thawing puddles of mud and ice in the deeply rutted tracks made very slow going. Normally a 2 hour ride, we did it in 4 hours and ended up very cold, wet and filthy. Huge ice patches on the minor forest roads and -3C at the top.

We both forgot the food so we had to blast down to Tesco in Rhuthun for something to eat. Don't even bother with sandwiches when you can buy hot southern fried chicken for a couple of quid! Hot food, that's what we needed.
We're wrecked!

20 January 2010

The ice has gone

Since the ice has gone, we got out on Sunday. Destination Marín Trail.

What surprised me was the sign in the carpark in Gwydyr Forest - the one with the map of the bike trails. Actually the sign wasn't surprising, it was the scorch marks where person(s) unknown have burned off the English names of various parts of the Marín Trail; the Welsh place names are untouched. Actually, I'm not surprised at that either - I'm surprised that the course designers (or whomever) decided to call various places by English names. I mean - with the landscape the way it is and the relics of industry scattered around - why did they have to resort to names for sections such as "Sleepy Bear" and "Pigs might Fly"? I don't understand

05 January 2010

Swimming not walking !

Snow forecast so swimming is the exercise of the day.
  • 500 pull on about 60s / 50m
  • 500 leg-kick - slow
  • 300 free on about 60s / 50m
About 40 mins.

Found a great Blog - The Massive MTBer - seems there's a few larger riders out there.

04 January 2010

walking not biking

Had to go for another walk today - with the dogs. Quite cold in the wind  on the Morfa and it was high tide so no sand for the dogs to run on. So, we had to make do with a walk on the path towards the Beacons opposite Deganwy.
Glad to get back

03 January 2010

Fart oo icy to bike

Way too icy to get the bike out, so I've gone for a walk up Conwy mountain starting at the top of Sychnant.

Quite slippery underfoot, but great to be out in the bright sunlight. The sun has some strength in it as we all got warm coming down the south side towards the top of Sychnant.

Hour and a quarter's walking - probably about 5Km
Caer Seiont is a great place.