23 January 2010

Icy mud - urrggghhh!

Horrible conditions in Clocaenog Forest today. Huw and I started out in Cyffylliog near Rhuthun and climbed a total of 350m altitude and 17km distance. Semi frozen mud in the forest, along with thawing puddles of mud and ice in the deeply rutted tracks made very slow going. Normally a 2 hour ride, we did it in 4 hours and ended up very cold, wet and filthy. Huge ice patches on the minor forest roads and -3C at the top.

We both forgot the food so we had to blast down to Tesco in Rhuthun for something to eat. Don't even bother with sandwiches when you can buy hot southern fried chicken for a couple of quid! Hot food, that's what we needed.
We're wrecked!

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