10 April 2008


Bikes need looking after. Emerging from Winter - even tho' not used much, they need TLC. Elin's bike' s headset needed stripping down and re-setting. Funny Aheadset type- sealed bearings - top one is ball race and lower one needle rollers. Not much could be done except clean it up. Then re-setting with centre bolt against star washer. Final tighten of the stem bolts. Should be okay for a while.

Next day, the BB went. Very clicky and rough. RAM model replaced with Shimano BB 68x113. Note that the front deraileur needed resetting as out slightly in chainring 3.

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beicsConwy said...

YOu were right. My recently bled back brake was great to start, but was spongy by the end - I need a new lever, probably. Wonder what the warranty covers?

Also, back wheel bearings loosening off. So the disc is also loose in the caliper.

Needs doing!